Saskia Winkler | Coaching
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A different perspective on life!

I believe that there are more things in heaven and earth than we know. Just because you can’t see or prove something doesn’t mean it’s not real or doesn’t exist.


I would like to introduce you to a new perspective.


I think everything is an illusion: an illusion that every human being creates every day. Whether this is good or bad, it all depends on your perspective. I believe that anything is possible and that your thoughts can create reality. I believe if you follow your inner self, everything will fall into place.


Working with me means embracing a new way of personal development.


I help people to overcome their fears and diminish blockages. I guide them onto their new path into their new life. After twenty years as an entrepreneur, I combine my spirituality with my profound business experience. I give people a new perspective on life by showing them how they can make positive changes happen in their daily business.

My Services

Winkler Saskia


My individual coaching is a space away from everyday life, for regaining your strengths, for overcoming boundaries and thinking outside the box, for dreaming and planning to make your dreams come true. I’m inviting you to take a completely different perspective. By resorting to all the spiritual energy available, it is possible to resolve your issues effectively and quickly …

Winkler Saskia


In an introductory speech, I will tell you my story. After that, we will do group sessions and meditations as well as coaching to guide people back to their spirituality, as spirituality is the key to the questions you have had all your life. …

Meeting, Gespräch, Diskussion


Ihre Mitarbeiter sprechen nicht mehr miteinander – oder haben Sie selbst einen Konflikt mit Ihrem Team? Profitieren Sie von meiner Erfahrung in der Mitarbeiterführung. Ich komme zu Ihnen ins Unternehmen und analysiere im Gespräch mit den Beteiligten den Konflikt und seine Dynamik …

Germany, Bavaria, Munich, Man sitting in lotus position, colleagues in background


Regelmäßig lade ich Sie zu Entspannungsabenden ein, in denen Körper, Seele und Geist zur Ruhe kommen. Von den Entspannungsabenden profitieren Sie, wenn Sie …